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Choosing the Correct HID Kits


Headlights are one of the most common areas of car modification, and one area in particular where amateurs can comfortably upgrade, change and install new components. As standard, most cars now have halogen headlights, which burn a filament in order to generate the required temperatures to cast their light. But in dark conditions, or in times of low visibility on the roads, these headlights are not quite up to the job, providing less than the full illumination drivers feel most comfortable with.

With HID headlights, however, this problem instantly vanishes. Rather than being a case of the minimum amount of light, and of questionable quality, HID headlights case a bright, strong beam, illuminating much of the road ahead and the periphery. This makes driving in dark and low visibility road conditions much less problematic, and even enjoyable.

Choosing the right HID headlights depends to a large extent on what you are looking to achieve, and the conditions you tend to drive in. If you are looking for effective fog lights for example, these tend to come in at the lower color temperature end of the range. For those looking for bright white, these lights burn a little hotter, with variable brightness gauges on offer. At, all of our kits come with the guarantee that they have been manufactured to exacting standards, so you can worry less about the quality of the kit and more about enjoying an illuminated, safer drive.

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How HID Headlights Work

HID headlights work in a way that ensures they always outperform halogen headlights in like for like tests. Compared to halogen bulbs, HID xenon bulbs in particular burn much brighter, and cast a much stronger light in the process. They produce a beam that illuminates a much greater proportion of the road, which ensures you have greater visbility of both the road and the surrounding obstacles and hazards. This means that with HID xenon headlights, you get to see much more of the road before it hits you, allowing you to make much more measured decisions about how best to navigate the road ahead. HID xenon headlights work by passing gas through the bulb, which is excited by a small electrical charge. This is distinguished from halogen bulbs, which operate in a similar way to any regular light bulb, with a filament that is heated to produce the light. But with xenon headlights, the light that is emitted is much brighter by default, with more of the light generating falling within the visible spectrum (i.e. not infrared). This means that HID headlights are also much more efficient, requiring less energy input in order to generate the same degree of output.

Why You Need To Upgrade To HID Xenon Headlights

Upgrading to HID xenon headlights is a must for anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their car. If you drive at night regularly for example, or your live in the countryside where roads tend to be darker on average than in the middle of the city, it really is a no brainer to make the switch. HID xenon lights will require less fuel input to keep them running, and they are generally good for up to 150,000 road miles, meaning they last considerably longer than standard HID headlights in any event. And with the ability to install these headlights yourself, on your own vehicle, there’s not even the need to visit a mechanic. But above all, the safety point is extremely important. Cars can easily become lethal weapons, and if you can’t see where you are going, that risk multiplies many times over. With halogen headlights, you are limited in the range of hazards and other road users you can see, and this increases the likelihood of having an accident dramatically. By contrast, with HID headlights on board, there’s absolutely no excuse for not seeing the entire road ahead. Because these lights are so bright, and generate such a high quality of illumination, you are clearly able to see in front and around you in all directions, making it much easier to drive in dark and low lighting conditions.

The Benefits Over Halogen Headlights

At the same time, HID xenon bulbs are actually cheaper to run. So that’s an improvement in function, for less cost and energy consumption along the way. Because of the highly efficient process by which HID xenon headlights produce light, they require much less energy from the car to keep them running at optimum brightness. This directly contributes to a lesser fuel load, which will save you money from the very second you start using these headlights. At the same time, they look fantastic, and give you a much better view of the road ahead when you are driving in a range of different motoring conditions. At, all of our headlights come with a quality guarantee. Manufactured to precision standards in Germany, our components and kits are of a much higher quality than the market standard. That means you know that when you install a kit from, you’re getting only the very best for your car, and for your future driving experience.

How To Make The Most Of HID Headlights

HID headlights come in a range of different color temperatures, which denote the exact tint of the light produced. At the lowest level, cooler temperature headlights produce a weaker yellow-colored light, while higher temperatures burn much more brilliantly. Brightness is variable, measured in lumens, and varies inversely as temperature increases, because the color is doing more of the work in terms of projecting brightness. This means that HID headlights are always bright, but can vary in color to suit your specific needs as a road user. Fog lights, for example, are often better in a yellowy color, which is less reflective and better able to cut through the fog. At the other end, there are sheer white lights, which are much better at illuminating the bulk of the road ahead. Depending on your preferences and specific requirements, any of our range may prove the most sensible choice for getting the most our of your headlights.

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