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In recognition of all the brave men and women who have served, sacrificed their lives and who are currently serving to protect our great country and keeping our citizens safe, we are proud to offer a 10% discount on all our LED headlight products, Xenon HID kits, portable jump starters, and dash cams.

XenonPro - Military Discount - THANKYOU10

We can never thank you enough for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices you made to protect our freedom and maintain our safety throughout history, currently and in the future.

The XenonPro Military Discount is available to all veterans who have served and all those currently serving including:.

  • Air Force (veteran, active, cadet, reserve)
  • Air National Guard
  • Army (veteran, active, cadet, reserve, national guard)
  • Coast Guard (veteran, active, cadet, reserve)
  • Emergency Response Providers (veteran, active, cadets)
  • First Responders (veteran, active, cadets)
  • Marine Corps (veteran, active, reserve)
  • Navy (veteran, active, cadet, reserve)
  • NOAA (veteran, active)
  • Public Health (veteran, active)

How it Works

Taking advantage of the XenonPro Military Discount is extremely easy. No lengthy verification process, no application - just savings.

In your shopping cart, right before checking out, enter the coupon code "THANKYOU10" under Discount Codes and hit the "Apply Coupon" button.

XenonPro - Military Discount - THANKYOU10

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Military Discount, please feel free to Contact Us for immediate assistance.

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Military Discount - Terms & Conditions

  • Military Discounts cannot be applied to shipping costs or taxes
  • Military Discounts cannot be combined with other coupon codes
  • Military Discounts cannot be applied retroactively to orders placed in the past