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Why Dash Cams Are Becoming Popular?

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The use of dash cams has become prevalent amongst vehicle owners worldwide in recent years. It has become not only necessary but beneficial to have the device installed in one’s car for a number of reasons.

The multiple use cases of dash cams coupled with their low price points have contributed to the popularity of the device. Whether you are looking to protect yourself for insurance claims, a worried parent, an Uber driver, driving in dangerous areas, or simply safety conscious, chances are that you are either contemplating getting the device or already in possession of one.

Dash cams are expected to become even more ubiquitous in cars of people of different ages and from various walks of life. To attest to this growth, many estimates predict a growth of 195% and over in the global dash cam market over the next 3 years.

Let’s explore some of the main reasons why dash cams have exploded in popularity in recent times.

Insurance and Police Reports

The importance of dash cams become more obvious when accidents occur and insurance claims have to be made. Video evidence is proof that cannot be contested by insurance companies, the police or other parties involved.

Discount on insurance premiums

In the first place, having the device installed can get car owners discounts on insurance premiums. This makes sense as the use of dash cams enables insurance companies to ascertain which party is to blame and also saves them money in the long run.

As a matter of fact, there is presently a bill in the New York State Senate insurance committee that would require insurance companies to give a 5% discount on automobile insurance premiums for non-commercial passenger motor vehicles with working dash cams.

Driving accidents

Another important reason is that in the unlikely event of an accident, it is easier to get insurance companies to make payouts since footage from the dash cam is irrefutable. This way, there will be no doubts surrounding the report made by the claimant.

Parking accidents

Culprits in accidents that occur while a vehicle is parked can also be easily identified using recordings from dash cams. A dash cam activated while a car is stationary, like a CCTV camera, can cover events happening around the vehicle. Dash cams equipped with motion-detectors will turn on automatically when your vehicle is off upon detecting motion surrounding your car.

Car break-ins

In the same vein, dash cams in parking mode capture any possible theft or break-ins. This greatly increases the chances of arresting perpetrators of such acts.

The video evidence is also valuable when it comes to reporting such incidences to insurance companies and the police. The peace of mind this brings vehicle owners can explain the growing popularity of the device.

Monitoring and reporting theft and bad behavior are also easier with the help of dual cam dash cams. Since such cameras have two lenses and can record footage of happenings inside vehicles as well, finding out how items got stolen is not a problem for managers of commercial vehicles.

Insurance fraud

Dash cams also prevent users from falling victim to insurance fraud. Any false claims from an unscrupulous person who jumps in front of a moving car to make money can easily be dispelled with evidence from dash cam footage.

Having to explain accidents to the police can be a headache when it involves proving one’s innocence. It gets even more difficult if other parties involved in the accident decide to tell a different story. With dash cams and the footage they record, it becomes easy to absolve oneself of the blame.

Dash cam users can also serve as witnesses of accidents involving other cars on the road. Video recordings can be used to settle any misunderstanding following accidents. Any complaints lodged against reckless drivers also carry weight since they are backed by video evidence.

GPS Tracking and Speed Monitoring

GPS tracking and speed monitoring are some of the useful extra features that most dash cams come with.

With GPS technology, owners of commercial vehicles can easily track their vehicles with the help of their dash cams. The technology enables vehicle owners to know the exact location of their vehicles, routes taken as well as the speed at which the vehicle is driven.

Apart from commercial use, car owners with dash cams can easily track other drivers of their vehicles. Parents can keep track of teenage kids when they take their cars for a ride. Also, instead of driving friend and family around, car owners can lend them their cars and simply use the dash cams to keep track of them.

All the above information is also useful for determining how accidents occur and determining who is at fault. Additionally, vehicle owners also get to know the whereabouts of their vehicles while using speed monitoring to ensure vehicles are not abused.

Companies especially can use the tracking system to better manage their vehicles and drivers. For instance, taxi companies and bus operators need dash cams to keep track of their cars, drivers, and passengers as well as know the location of drivers at any given time.

Dual cam dash cams, in particular, allow fleet owners to view the inside of vehicles as well as the front of the vehicle.

Investigating reports on the bad behavior of drivers and delivery men can also be easily checked this way. This use case can be extended to owners of non-commercial vehicles. For instance, parents can use the cameras to check the driving habits of their teenage children.

Recording Trips

Most people like to capture moments in their lives with their cameras. On occasion, people like to record their road trips as well. This gives them something to look back on in the future with feelings of nostalgia. Once again, dash cams make this possible. Beautiful scenery on the road as well as scenes from within the car can be captured using dual cam dash cams.

Dash cams are not necessarily made for entertainment purposes but that has not stopped users from taking videos of themselves having fun on both short and long road trips. The popular web television series, Carpool Karaoke which features the host driving famous singers around and having fun is a quintessential example of how dash cams can be used to document fun moments on the road.

Recording Unexpected but Amazing Footage

A lot of amazing, funny, and entertaining footage on the internet were captured with dash cams. Most of these videos were captured by ordinary dash cam users who happened to be at the right spot at the right time for their dash cams to record unexpected but incredible footage. This could be anyone.

Unexpected and incredible footage can go viral and in turn, bring in some money for owners. If one gets lucky enough to chance upon a breathtaking incident happening out of the blue, it is possible to monetize the footage on the internet or other forms of media.

Easy for anyone to use and install

The ease of setting up and using dash cams also contributes to its growing popularity. The steps from unpacking a newly bought dash cam to activating it to record can be done within five minutes.

Most dash cams are mounted on the windscreen of vehicles with the help of suction pads. Those that go on the rear-view mirror can also be easily secured using clips.

Since most dash cams use power from the vehicles they are installed, they are activated by simply connecting their power cables to the vehicles power sockets.

Key takeaways

As you can see, dash cams are quite useful for many different situations and scenarios. Just the savings from insurance premiums can cover the cost of a dash cam, making it an obvious purchase.

Their low price point, dependability, ease of use, and versatility explain why so many people are turning to dash cams and why they growing in popularity as each day goes by.