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Why You Should Always Have A Portable Jump Starter In Your Car

Why You Should Always Have A Portable Jump Starter In Your Car

Running into car troubles while on the go is never fun, rarely expected and sometimes even dangerous.

Waiting for a roadside assistance service can take hours, let alone cost a lot, and trying to get someone to help you can be long and in some cases, attract the wrong kind of people. If stuck in a remote location, it may be impossible to get help and you can be exposing yourself to danger.

With the help of a portable emergency jump starter, however, common car troubles such as a dead car battery or a flat tire will no longer plague you. These convenient little devices will save you anytime and anywhere without the need to depend on others.

Below, we've put together a list of reasons why you should always have a portable car booster in your trunk to stay safe on the road.

Be independent - boost your own battery in seconds

The number one advantage of portable jump starters is that you'll never need to rely on others to help jump-start your car, truck, boat or motorcycle. Whether you have jumper cables or a roadside assistance membership, they both require the help of someone else.

Relying on others is never a good thing, especially when you are stuck on the road and desperate for help. During the winter, car batteries are especially prone to dying so roadside assistance services are incredibly busy and it can take up to 6 hours before you get back on the road.

With a portable jump starter, you are completely independent. The jump starter will boost your battery on its own without the help of anyone. Not only can you get yourself back on the road easily within seconds, being able to power your own car is especially convenient when no one is around or available to help.

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Ditch the jumper cables

Having jumper cables is great but there are a few major drawbacks, the single most important one being that you'll need another car to connect to in order to jump-start your dead battery.

This limitation is especially important when your car battery dies on you late at night or when you're in a remote area where there is no one in sight to help you out. You can find yourself stuck for hours, which is inconvenient and potentially very dangerous during the winter.

Another important drawback of booster cables is that your car needs to be positioned in a way such that your battery is accessible. Whether you're stuck in a garage facing forward, in a parking lot with a car blocking your battery or in a narrow passageway, having jumper cables and another car available to help you will be of no help at all.

Lastly, jumper cables can be quite complicated and dangerous to use. Using booster cables the wrong way can lead to serious injury or death and can cause permanent damage to the electronic components and batteries of both cars in question.

A portable jump starter solves these important problems. These devices were designed to be incredibly safe and easy to use and having one in the trunk of your car ensures you don't need another car to boost your battery and your car can be in virtually any position! Visit our guide to learn more about why portable jump starters are better than jumper cables.

Save money on roadside assistance services

Roadside assistance services are great but they are generally very slow and come with a pricey annual membership, some of which cost nearly to $250 per year for basic coverage. Not only that, these services won't even assist you if you're out of the coverage zone, leaving you out to dry.

The interesting part is that these services are now using portable jump starter themselves to help customers. Compared to jumper cables, using a portable battery booster to jump-start a dead battery is much faster and safer.

With a portable jump starter in the trunk of your car, you'll no longer need to pay for an annual membership since you will be your own roadside savior. A portable car battery booster will cost you less than one year's membership and last you for decades.

Benefit from a portable air compressor

Did you know that some portable jump starters come with portable air compressors? Yes, they do! These mini air compressors plug right into the jump starter and can inflate your tire in around 5 minutes. You can also use the air compressor to inflate sports balls, inflatable mattresses, stuff for your pool and more.

With both a jump starter and portable air compressor, you're practically ready to start your own roadside assistance service!

Charge your electronics on the go

Whether it's your cellphone or your child's iPad, whether making an important call or using your phone as a GPS, there are many reasons why getting stuck with dead electronics while on the road is never fun and in case of emergency situations not very prudent.

Jump starters are essentially portable batteries and so, most models come with one or more USB ports to make sure you can keep your electronics fully charged while on the go.

Even though most drivers ride with car chargers for their electronics, it's always good to have a plan B in case of emergencies or if you need portable power when you exit your car.

Equipped with a powerful LED flashlight

Most portable jump starters come with strong LED flashlights. Although primarily designed to help you jump-start your vehicle in the dark, the flashlight can be used for any situation requiring more light.

Whether you need to inspect your car or engine at night, need help finding something in the car or house or want to bring it camping, the LED flashlight feature is a great extra tool to have.

Help other drivers in need

Last but not least, with a portable jump starter in the trunk of your car, you can help those in need. Getting stranded on the road because of a dead car battery or a flat tire is always frustrating and inconvenient so get that portable jump starter out and help a fellow driver in need. Help them forever and recommend a reliable portable jump starter!

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