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Benefits Of Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras, also known as dash cams for short or car cameras, are very practical video cameras designed specifically for cars and driving.

Dash cams come packed with a whole lot of features to help drivers unlike any other type of recording device like regular video cameras, action cameras or smartphones.

Let’s unpack the many benefits of dash cams.

1. Save money on insurance premiums

Insurance companies love dash cams for obvious reasons. It gives them uncontestable evidence for claims with a video recording of exactly what happened, whether a driving or parking accident.

It is not surprising then that insurance companies offer better premiums to drivers whose vehicles are equipped with a dash cam.

In fact, the state of New York is looking to pass a bill (#S6785A) that would reduce insurance premiums by 5% “for non-commercial passenger motor vehicles equipped with an operating dashboard camera” by law.

Some individuals have reported saving up to 15% on car insurance for simply having a car camera. For an average premium of $1,000, that represents $150 in annual savings.

Dash cams cost about $120 on average so buying one can be a great investment.

2. Peace of mind for insurance claims and police reports

Relying on your memory or witnesses to explain what happened during a car accident, parking accident, car theft or attempted insurance fraud will never be better than having a video recording of what actually happened.

Dashboard cameras give you the benefit of peace of mind when filing a police report, insurance claim and even if you end up in court.

Imagine getting an expensive electronic like an iPad or iPhone stolen from your car but you don’t have the receipt? Without a dash cam, you would be out of luck and have no proof to back up your claim.

Unlike video cameras, smartphones and action cams, dashboard cameras turn on and begin recording automatically even when your car is off and parked. Thanks to these unique features, your mind can be at ease knowing that you’re protected 24/7.

3. Quicker insurance payouts

Everyone knows that insurance companies love to take their time to make insurance payouts, especially when evidence is circumstantial or lacks some concrete proof.

With dash cams, insurance companies can’t argue cold hard facts of a video recording and won’t have any reason to delay paying out what you are owed.

With irrefutable video evidence from a car camera, insurance companies will have no choice but to write you a check quickly.

4. Easy to set up and use

One major benefit of dash cams is that they are incredibly easy to install and use for everyone.

Installation takes no more than 15 minutes from start to end and reviewing your recordings is as easy as plugging a USB key in your computer. Further, dash cams are powered by your car so you don't ever have to worry about recharging or changing its batteries.

5. Convenient and hassle free

Dashboard cameras come with so many features out of the box that make them incredibly more convenient than any other type of camera.

The most convenient feature of car cameras is that they turn on and begin recording automatically, even when your car is turned off. This may seem trivial to some but imagine having to set up, turn on and hit record each and every time you drive.

All it takes is one slip up and you can miss the crucial information you may need for insurance.

6. Capture unexpected events on the road

One bonus benefit of having a dash cam is that if you are lucky, your camera may capture some unexpected event, which may go viral on the internet and earn you some major cash.

Whether you capture a shooting star, a funny incident or any other kind of impressive footage, a viral video can earn you a couple thousand dollars per million views.

This dash cam video below, for example, gathered over 7 million views in just a few months likely earning the owner over $20,000 for free!

7. Personal and commercial use

One more benefit of dash cams is that they can be used by anyone and for many different purposes.

Dash cams are very beneficial for personal use for quite a few reasons. In fact, dash cams are also very useful for businesses as well.

Companies that manage car fleets, like taxis, buses, transport trucks or even food delivery, have recently started equipping their company vehicles with dash cams.

Not only can they benefit from a reduced insurance rate and all the benefits mentioned above but fleet managers can keep track of their drivers. Dash cams allow you to track where they are, where they’re going and how fast they’re driving through integrated GPS technology and can help prevent and fight theft from drivers.

Let's not forget that some of the biggest users of dash cams are police officers. Every single police car comes equipped with a dash cam because they are so useful in capturing everyone going on in and outside of a car.