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Benefits of Xenon HID Headlights

Xenon HIDs are one of the most popular and latest trends in automotive lighting technology.

Providing exceptional brightness and light distance, a long lifespan, and many color options, Xenon HIDs have quickly captured the attention and hearts of many drivers.

As more and more vehicles come equipped with Xenons and LED right out of the factory, drivers and car enthusiasts are turning to HID conversion kits to replace their dull halogen headlight bulbs.

As a driver looking to convert your halogen headlights bulbs to Xenon HID, you are probably wondering is it really worth it? The short answer is, yes.

Xenon HID headlight bulbs offer many benefits over halogen with respect to several different factors, which we will dive into in this article to help you understand the benefits of Xenon HID headlights and whether they are right for you and your vehicle.

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Brighter Headlights

The number one benefit of HID headlights is their significant improvement over halogens with respect to brightness, light beam distance and reach.

Most drivers inquiring about HID headlight conversion kits are sick and tired of not being able to see the road properly at night. Halogens are dull, boring and emit and a yellowish light, which is less than ideal for driving in low light environments.

HID bulbs, such as the ones found in our XenonPro HID kits, can reach up to 8000 lumens, which is 2.5x brighter than halogens. The distance of the light beam is close to two times greater and peripheral reach almost 50% greater than stock halogen bulbs.

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So, with Xenon HID bulbs, you will be able to see clearer, see farther, and see better when driving in low light environments.

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When it comes to HID headlight bulbs, the second biggest benefit is durability. Halogen bulbs burn out almost every year, assuming regular driving, while HID can last up to 5 years! Conservatively, HIDs can last up to 5000 hours while halogens can only last for 1000 hours at best.

Xenon HID bulbs are so durable because of their build, their efficient xenon gas-producing light technology, and their power efficiency. Halogen bulbs are inherently incredibly inefficient, even the best bulbs on the market. Further, HIDs operate at a lower wattage than halogens and produce more light per unit of power consumed.

This long lifespan is not only convenient but it saves you a nice little bunch of money over time. Decent replacement halogen bulbs cost around $40 to $50 per pair while HIDs cost around $90.

For those that head to the shop to get their headlight bulbs replaced, add another $50-$60 per year on top of that! Over the course of 5 years, you can save close to $500!

Safer Driving

For many, including us at XenonPro, safety is the number one priority. A major benefit of Xenon HID headlights over halogens is the improved safety while on the road.

The low quality, dull and yellowish light of halogens is almost as good as having no headlights. One of the biggest dangers when driving in low light environments is not being able to see the road, people, and objects clearly.

Bright headlights can improve reaction times by close to 2 full seconds, which can be the difference between safety and danger.

XenonPro - Xenon HID Headlights Benefits - Improved Safety

Xenon lights will help you see farther down the road, increase light peripheral (side of the road), and produce a dense and focused light so you can be sure to see things clearly, early and drive with confidence and precision.

One major benefit of the XenonPro HID bulbs is that they come with proprietary anti-glare technology, so you never have to worry about blinding or endangering other drivers.

Color Options

Aside from improved brightness, one of the biggest benefits of Xenon HIDs that attracts so many drivers is the many color options available.

Xenon HIDs are available in popular colors ranging from yellow (3000K) to white (4300K - 5000K), to blue (6000K - 8000K) and purple (12000K). Some even come in funky colors such as green or pink.

XenonPro - Xenon HID Headlights Benefits - Color Options

We always recommend that customers get white (4300K - 5000K) for their low beams and high beams since it produces the brightest and clearest light color and yellow/amber (3000K) for their fogs. Some of the younger drivers like to go with blue and purple because of the nice appearance but it’s not ideal for brightness.

Unlike halogens or LEDs, which are generally available in just a few colors, HIDs are available in nearly every color. The reason for this is because HIDs light produces light by heating the xenon gas contained within the bulb.

The gas changes colors depending on the temperature at which the gas is heated and hence why HID colors are called color temperatures. To learn more on the subject, visit our HID Xenon Color Chart - Ultimate Headlight Temperature Guide.

Easy Installation

When looking at the components of an HID kit, it can be intimidating but the reality is that they are incredibly easy to install, especially if they are a Plug & Play kit like ours.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty or want to be sure of proper installation, you can always go see a performance shop or a mechanic, they should be able to complete the job for you in under an hour.

HIDs essentially have two components, the bulbs, and the ballasts. The bulbs will go right into your headlight on one end (just like your halogen bulbs) and connect to the ballast on the other. The ballast will then connect to your vehicle’s factory power harness and you’ll be ready to go! To learn more, visit our Xenon HID Installation Guide.

Some vehicles may require extra accessories for the lights to work well, such as a CANBUS or a relay harness. These accessories just go between the bulb and the ballast, adding a few minutes to the total installation time.

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Energy Efficient

As explained briefly above, HIDs are significantly more efficient than halogens and a major benefit of Xenon HID technology.

HIDs require more initial energy to get started but significantly less to stay lit when compared to halogens.

Halogen bulbs convert nearly 85% of the energy consumed into heat (waste) and only 15% into actual light. Xenons, on the other hand, convert most of its energy to light instead of heat.

The efficiency of this headlight bulb technology explains why they are brighter and so much more durable than halogen lights.

Why You Need HID Headlights

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to Xenon HID headlights. What it comes down do is that you will have brighter and more durable headlights, drive safer and save money over their lifetime.

If seeing better at night and driving safely is important to you like most drivers, HIDs are a great investment that will brighten up your nights and make your nighttime driving experience that much more pleasant.

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