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Best HID Headlights For You

The headlights are an essential part of any car, critical to making driving in the dark a possibility. Without effective headlights in place, driving conditions become much more hazardous than necessary. Standard halogen headlights give off a relatively weak, off-white beam, which concentrates on illuminating the road ahead. This gives drivers a visible range of just a few feet in front of their car at all times. While this is passable, it is far from satisfactory. On winding roads particularly, or in driving conditions that are otherwise unlit, having such a narrow field of view can actually be detrimental to safety.

Rather than driving in a proactive way, drivers need to react to the changing road layout immediately ahead of them, making low light conditions tricky at the best of times. By contrast, HID headlights cast a much brighter light across the road in front, and this helps make driving in poorly lit conditions much more straightforward. As a result, motorists across the world are choosing to see more of the road, and switching to HID headlights in place of their standard halogen bulbs. The process for conducting the upgrade is straightforward, and even absolute beginners can carry out the installation in around 30 minutes. But how do HID headlights work in practice, and what are the different types of these lights available for you to consider?

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How HID Headlights Work In Practice

HID headlights are a particularly effective option for anyone concerned with getting the most value out of their car and its spec. When compared to halogen headlights, HID headlights are vastly more effective on literally every count, coming in as brighter, more durable, more energy efficient headlights that fit virtually any vehicle. In large part, the reason these headlights are so effective in how they work comes down to their design, and a couple of key differences between that design and halogen headlights. HID headlights work by running an electrical charge through xenon gas, which when excited gives off a bright, strong light.

This light is much more efficient than halogen light, which is created when a filament is heated. Heating the filament also results in a far greater proportion of invisible infrared light, which is not a problem with xenon HIDs. As a result, xenon headlights are some 3 to 5 times brighter than the standard, because of the mechanism they use. As a result, HID lights are used in a range of commercial and industrial applications where light is paramount, with gas station forecourts one particular example. When it comes to headlights, they provide a much brighter, much more illuminated road ahead, making them an invaluable choice for motorists everywhere.

Different Types of HID Headlights

There are a number of different types of HID headlights that are available for you to choose from, and depending on the specific motivating factors behind your decisions to upgrade, there are valid reasons for choosing any of the available types. At, you can rest assured in the knowledge that regardless of the types of HID headlights you choose, you are benefitting from the same high quality, high standard product that we use right across the board. All of our kits are painstakingly manufactured in Germany to the highest quality benchmarks, so you can be certain you’re getting the best quality at the right price.

These lights range in color and brightness, according to your requirements. For some people, it may be a case of choosing xenon headlights for foggy road conditions, or in supplement to halogen headlights. Others might choose to opt for a whiter light, in place of their main headlights. However you choose to set up your headlights, it is worth considering the color temperature and brightness output you require to get the results you are looking for from your HID headlights kit.

K vs. Lumens in HID Headlights

Two of the most important specifications you will see when you are buying your headlights kit are temperature, expressed in degrees Kelvin, and brightness, expressed in lumens. Many people want to get the brightest headlights they can and so opt for the highest burning headlights on offer. But it is important to appreciate the distinction between temperature and brightness, and the two don’t always correlate in the way you might firstly expect. Temperature denotes the color of light that will be emitted only, and has no knock-on effect as far as brightness is concerned.

At low temperatures, xenon lights look yellowy, whereas at high temperatures they look a purple beyond bright white. These colors are naturally brighter as they get hotter, but it is the measurement in lumens that really counts. The lumens output varies downwards as the bulbs get hotter, to account for the boost in brightness required at lower levels. As a result, you will notice that the lumens number decreases as the temperature increases. In order to gauge the relative brightness of any headlights spec, you must firstly assess both the lumens and the color temperature to make an informed call.

Choosing The HID Headlights For Your Car

When it comes to choosing the right headlights for your car, there are really no right or wrong answers. Switching to HID xenon headlights is always a good move, and will ensure you have access to superior technology within your existing car setup. But you need to decide which type of headlights to install, and the relative color and temperature gauges that go with that. The choice ultimately comes down to personal needs and tastes, to determine the most effective option for your car. With an HID xenon headlights kit from, it doesn’t matter which headlights you choose.

You can always rest secured in the knowledge that you are dealing with a professional company and the highest quality of kits and components. From German engineering houses to your front door, our process ensures you get premium grade technology, with the longevity and durability you demand from your headlights.

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