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Dual-Lens Dash Cam (Taxi/Uber/Lyft Dash Cams, 360 Dash Cam)

If you are a taxi, Uber or Lyft driver, dual lens dash cams are ideal for you. As a driver, what happens in front of your vehicle is important and as a taxi/Uber/Lyft driver, so is what happens inside your vehicle. Say hello to the dual lens dashcam.

A dual lens dashcam is a dashboard camera with one lens recording the front of the vehicle and a second lens simultaneously recording the inside of the vehicle both mounted on the same unit as shown in the image below.

XenonPro - Dual-Lens Dash Cams

Dash cam terms and features are commonly used interchangeably which can make shopping for one confusing at times. A lot of confusion exists between dual-lens dash cams and dual-channel dash cams particularly.

Dual-Lens vs Dual-Channel Dashcam

  Dual-Lens (Taxi/Uber) Dual-Channel
Hardware 1 Unit 2 Units
# of Camera Lenses Two (2) Two (2)
Pricing $-$$$ $-$$$
Best For Taxi / Uber drivers All Drivers
GPS Option
Loop Recording
Parking Mode
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As explained, dual-lens dashcams have two lenses on the same unit, one forward-facing and the other facing the inside of the vehicle. On the other hand, dual-channel dashcams have 2 separate units and cameras, one forward-facing and one rear-facing.

XenonPro - Dual-Lens vs Dual Channel

See our dual-channel dashcam guide for more information on this type of dashboard camera.