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Top 10 HID Kits Factors

If you are anything like the millions of motorists across the world upgrading to HID xenon headlights, you’ll understand just what significant advantages there are to be gained from having HID xenon headlights in place. As compared to standard models, generally halogen, HID headlights are much more effective in performing their core functions. When it comes to buying HIDs, particularly for the first time, you can be forgiven for having more than a few basic questions about what you are buying, what most suits your needs and what factors you should be taking into consideration when you choose the right headlights for you. Here are the top 10 factors we recommend you think about, before deciding whether HID headlights are the best option for you.

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Are Your Halogen Headlights Good Enough?

As a starting point, it is worth considering whether your halogen headlights are good enough and safe enough for you to carry on driving with. An analogy we like to use is the seatbelt – car owners wouldn’t dream of buying cars today without this most basic of safety features. But before seatbelts were mainstream, people were content to settle for factory standard – even when that meant a less safe drive. The same analogy applies to halogen vs HID headlights, with the latter proving much more effective for driving in dark conditions.

Could HID Xenon Headlights Make A Difference?

The difference to be gained from switching to HID headlights is vast, and the colors emitted from it are varied and often as much as 5 times brighter than standard halogen bulbs. This makes a massive difference when you are driving in conditions of low visibility, particularly in unfamiliar road layouts. HID xenon headlights can make a massive difference to the safety of your drive, giving you the advanced notice of hazards and obstacles you need to make sensible, safe driving decisions.

Where Should You Buy HID Xenon Headlights From?

There are plenty of different places you can buy xenon headlights, most typically a local car garage. However, it is important to remember that local garages often use cheaper components, which tend to be of a considerably lower quality than the kits we offer. Furthermore, the charge for labor to install your headlights at a garage makes this a much more serious investment, for much lower quality. Contrast that with a solution from, made in Germany to exacting quality standards. It’s a no brainer.

Is It Worth Opting For Cheap Imported HID Xenon Headlights?

This is the classic false economy. Motorists see dirt cheap xenon headlights from China or from Taiwan and decide to save themselves some pocket change in the process. This is far from recommended – these headlights are known to be much more likely to fissure and eventually explode, and this can do damage to your car, let alone your headlights while you drive. In short, it is best to avoid cheap headlights at all costs, and instead to only ever choose those that come from reliable, trustworthy manufacturers.

Do You Need To Handle The Headlights With Care?

If you are handling your xenon headlights, it is imperative you wear surgical gloves, and avoid actually touching the bulbs themselves. The transfer of debris and grime from your hands and fingers, however subtle, can place undue strain on these fragile bulbs. Again, this can lead to exploding bulbs, and damage to your car if you are not careful. At, our kits come with the step-by-step information you need to install the kit safely and effectively.

Should You Install HID Xenon Headlights Yourself?

Absolutely. Our kits are designed to be as easy as possible to install, and by following our instructions to the letter, you can complete the install in just 30 minutes (15 minutes each side).

Can I Switch Back If I Am Unhappy?

Switching back to halogen headlights is particularly uncommon once a road user tries out HID xenon headlights. But if you did want to re-install your standard headlights for whatever reason, you simply reverse the installation process (and our instructions) to achieve the refit. This simple process still requires no professional help, and takes only a few minutes and a bit of concentration – even for those with no mechanical or electrical knowledge.

Will HID Xenon Headlights Be Safer?

HID xenon headlights are certainly much, much brighter than the standard. When you are driving in poorly lit areas, or in the middle of the night, having as much light as possible can only be a good thing. You need to see all the hazards and obstacles as they appear around you, yet standard headlights do a poor job at illuminating much of the road ahead. In this respect, through letting you see much more of the road forward, HID xenon headlights are undoubtedly a safer, more effective option than their standard, halogen counterparts.

Which Temperature Of HID Xenon Headlights Should I Choose?

This is a matter of personal taste, but you do need to think about which temperature of headlights is most suited to your car. Temperature influences the color of the bulb, ranging from yellow to white to blue to purple in ascending order. Temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin, with 6000K (or bright white) being the most popular kit we sell at Lower temperature lights can be used to good effect as fog lights, which cut through rather than reflect against fog. By contrast, the higher temperature lights are perfect for those looking for that sporty aesthetic, or simply to gain more visibility over the road as they drive.

What Are Lumens And Should I Factor These In When Buying HID Headlights?

Everybody thinks temperature denotes brightness. But it is in fact lumens that determine how bright a particular headlights kit will be. Make sure when you are considering which HID xenon headlights kit to buy, you think about brightness and the relative lumens measure. This will help ensure you make the best choice for you car, and for driving in a range of different weather and road conditions.

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