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Why LED Headlights Are Becoming More Popular

LED lights were invented by an employee at General Electric in the 1960s. In their original form, LEDs were incredibly expensive to produce, to the point where the efficiency gains they made available against traditional lighting were far outweighed by the prohibitive costs of production. Over the decades to follow, LED lights have become increasingly used in industrial and commercial applications, and today, they are becoming even more prevalent in the home. As far as motoring is concerned, LED lights can deliver significant advantages over halogen or even HID headlights, resulting in greater efficiencies and optimised performance over and above what would otherwise be available.

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Today, car manufacturers at the top end of the market are already starting to integrate LED headlights as standard or optional extras available to their customers, and the result is that more motorists across the globe are being switched on to LED lighting. Over the next 20 years or so, experts predict even more motorists will switch to LED lights, which look set eventually to supersede halogen lighting as the standard option for drivers.

The time for LED headlights appears to be now. But why are so many switching to LED headlights from the standard options available, and why might you consider this a worthwhile investment for your own car? Cheaper Hardware costs

When LED lights were first conceptualised, the raw hardware costs of actually putting together LED headlights made it infeasible, bordering on impossible to afford. However, thanks to LED technology reaching maturity, it is now much more affordable to integrate LEDs into a range of lighting applications. Now, the costs of LED headlights kits is on par with other types of headlights, making the decision to upgrade much less difficult for motorists. Cheaper hardware now means you can take advantage of the ongoing savings of LED headlights for a much smaller initial outlay - good news for anyone deciding whether and how to upgrade their car headlights.

Industry commentators now expect car manufacturers to start including LEDs as standard, and over the next 30 years as much as 75% of all lighting will be LED driven. In the meantime, a low-cost, high quality LED headlights kit can provide you with years of clearer, brighter driving conditions.

Cheaper Operating costs

LEDs aren’t just becoming cheaper to buy. They also provide cost savings on an ongoing basis, thanks to their greater efficiency and durability. With halogen bulbs or, worse, HIDs, bulbs go from time to time and need replaced at your own cost and inconvenience. There are multiple moving parts within each headlight which make it more likely that something will fail. Contrast this with LEDs, which are solid state by design (i.e. there are no moving parts that can fail). This allows LED headlights to continue to deliver top notch performance for years to come, way beyond the expected lifecycle of halogens or HID headlights.

This gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of buying your kit over many more years of high quality usage, making LEDs the most economical headlights available for your car.

Better, More Reliable Lighting

LEDs offer bright, high quality lighting. In addition to lighting up the road ahead, LEDs also cast a wider illumination, so you can see a much more significant field of light when driving in the dark. Compare this to the weak, yellow light than comes from halogen headlights, and it is easy to see the advantages of opting for LEDs. Seeing more of the road means you can drive more comfortably in all conditions.

Further, because of the way LEDs are constructed, there are fewer opportunities for things to go wrong, bulbs to blow, etc. The net result is more reliable lighting for the long-term, so you can sleep easy knowing you are guaranteed warm, bright lighting when you next need it on the roads.

Improved Safety and Functionality

The more of the road you can see, the better poised you are to make the right decision when called upon - for the safety of yourself and other road users. LED lights cast a bright light across the road ahead and peripheral areas, so you have as much time as possible to react to changes on the road. This leads to safer driving both now and in the long-term, when compared to the effects of halogen bulbs. At the same time, LED lights are obviously brighter and more efficient than halogens, resulting in additional financial and energy savings along the way. As a result, countless motorists switch every day to LED headlights in place of standard halogens for a safer, more functional drive.

Saving Energy Across Motoring

Saving energy, and being generally more energy efficient is essential for the wellbeing of the environment and your wallet. Without optimising the performance of your car as standard, you are not driving in the most energy-conscious way. Adjustments like switching out your halogens for LED headlights can contribute incremental savings, but they all quickly add up - especially when you consider how long LED headlights can last.

LED lights are becoming more and more popular by the day, as motorists across the world learn of the advantages of switching their default headlights to LED constructions. Whether it’s for saving energy, saving money, or saving lives, the benefits of LEDs are becoming more rapidly understood worldwide, and you too should be considering whether now is the right time to upgrade your headlights.

Regardless of your technical skills, all of our LED kits are designed to be installed by people with no prior experience or special tools, with the whole process taking under 30 minutes per light. Or, if you need assistance, any mechanic should be able to fit our LED headlights to your car in a matter of minutes, so you can be assured of a professional job.

As halogen headlights increasingly become a thing of the past, make sure you’re not left behind - get your own LED kit today and get on the right track to a more illuminated drive.

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